Karnali River rafting Grade 4 - 5; 9 days
Karnali  River rafting

Being the longest river in all of Nepal, the Karnali drains a huge & well-developed catchments Spring snow melts can drive the river up dramatically in a matter of hours, as the river rises the difficulty increases exponentially. The river flows through steep & constricted kayos where the rapids are close together, giving little opportunity to correct for potential mistakes The trip starts with along but interesting bus ride (optional flight) over to the far Western Nepal, Surkhet, and two day trek to the village of Sauli. It is a rafting of 180 km to Chisapani, on the northern border of the Royal Bardiya National Park. The Karnali river rafting takes about seven days. Grade 4+ and higher.

Day 01Departure from Kathmandu at afternoon (16:30) by bus.
Day 02Arrive Surkhet, after breakfast drive to Karleghat (Put in point) and stay in tented camp
Day 3-7Rafting and stay in tented camp in the river beach
Day 08Rafting till put out point at Chisapni; Afternoon bus drive to Kathmandu
Day 09Arrive Kathmandu at morning, hotel transfer and rest

Departure from: Kathmandu. Ask for departure date or if you are a group or 4 or more then rafting at the date suitable to you.

Cost: from US$ 450.00 per person

Please note that: Reservations are needed. Please book as soon as possible. The tour can be booked by paying 10-20% of the tour cost by credit card Master or Visa). The balance amount must be paid before the tour starts. Do you want to book this? Or do you want to have more information? Please feel free to Email us with details of your plan.

Payment procudure: The payment can be made in cash, or traveler's cheque, or   or SWIFT CODE transfer, or Bank Demand Draft or by International Money transfer.

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